What they need vs what you want to say

I've been thinking about the idea of approaching your role as a Pharmacist with an attitude of service rather than expertise lately. I think one of the areas where this becomes really obvious is in medication counselling.

For many years I didn't think I was very good at counselling. Not like other people were. I kind of just accepted it as one of those things. Now I think it was because I was focused on what I wanted to say rather than what they needed to know.

When I focus on what I want to say, I make it all about me. I talk more than I listen. I try and look like an expert.

When I focus on what they need to know, I start wanting to find out more about what they know already. What do they want to find out about? I listen and I respond to their needs. I am acting in service to them. And it's so much better.


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