I've been a Pharmacist for just over fifteen years, and for the past eight years or so my work has been focused on caring for people with needs that cross boundaries. Whether they have multiple conditions, care providers, settings of care, or sectors of care - as soon as there's more than one, things get complicated quick. Our healthcare system isn't built for this, and it shows.

We all face a choice. We can complain about the problem and wait for the powers that be to fix it, but it's a wicked problem to solve and it's going to take some serious time and resources for them to do it. Alternatively, we can take action over the one part of the system that we do have control over - our work and our connections with others.

I figured there must be something out there that is trying to address this need already, somewhere that I could join. So I went looking for somewhere that connected people across the silos of healthcare and facilitate this action but I couldn't find it. Well if there's no party happening then I figured that I'd find a hall, get a DJ and clear the dance floor. Enter Traversity.

Traversity is based on the principle that we don't need to wait for permission to take action. We are all professionals and have value to contribute, so lets do it.

Traversity is a communication platform to facilitate the building of connections, peer support and a spirit of collegiality. It provides the venue and the opportunity, but the members create the soul and the culture. We value people based upon contribution and effort, not their role description or post nominals. All are welcome so long as they have an attitude of self-improvement and generosity.

Our focus is on learning, not education. For that reason we are proudly and unapologetically unaccredited. You will find countless opportunities for learning here, and much of that will be through interaction and discussion with your peers. Many of these activities can be included in your CPD plan, but we can't identify the learning objectives for you ahead of time - it's about your individual experience.

My hope is that we can create a place that welcomes and celebrates the depth and breadth of talent that is out there. Not just the usual superstars, but also those who have their heads down doing work that they are proud of. I hope that you'll join me in turning this into a reality.