The next right thing

Frozen II has been the music of choice in our household over the past few months. I wasn't that keen at first listen, but it's grown on me (could be a survival mode thing?). It's got a real broadway musical vibe.

In the final act, Anna has a tragic moment where she sings a song that is super sad and stricken with grief. It's about pulling herself up off the floor to do the next right thing.

Last week in his newsletter, Ryan Holiday wrote along a similar theme The important thing is that we are not afraid. That we don’t overthink things. That we don’t get distracted with the worst-case scenario on top of the worst-case scenario on top of the collision of two other worst-case scenarios. Because that doesn’t help us with what’s right in front of us right now. It doesn’t help us put one foot in front of the other, whether it’s on a spacewalk or a tough business call. It doesn’t help us slow our heart rate down whether we’re re-entering the earth’s atmosphere or watching a plummeting stock portfolio. It doesn’t help us remember that we’ve trained for this, that there is a playbook for how to proceed.

Not everyone who achieves things does so by having a sense of bravado and a smile on their face. Sometimes it's more a matter of pushing through and keeping going with whatever the next step is supposed to be. It might not feel good, that's ok. But that's the hard thing about doing hard things.


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