Still here

I've been pretty quiet on this blog over the past couple of weeks. No, I have not abandoned my pursuit of trying to write better. Quite the opposite.

Our website went live about two weeks ago, so I've been trying to write some pieces for that. I wrote one that was quite fun today about the RACGP's latest campaign Expert Advice Matters (fun to write, that is, I'm not sure about reading).

I'm still going to be on here from time to time writing, but probably won't be as regular as I have been over the past nine months or so. But please, if you happen to read this, do come and join us at Traversity.

The community is only just getting started and we need people who want to shape the culture in a positive way. It's pretty much covid-free (as covid-free as you can get at the moment) and is not the usual social media newsfeed/grand posturing type stuff. We are really focused on quality of interaction versus quantity of members, posts etc. but we could use more members. Honestly, right now it's pretty much me talking into the void, so I'd really appreciate some company!


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