Slow down, you move too fast

Twitter feels like a scene from Trainspotting at the moment. The pace of information sharing is so fast I feel like it needs to be backed by some sort of old school techno with the bass turned up so loud that it replicates a pounding headache and sense of rising anxiety.

And just like Renton I return multiple times a day to get my information fix. To know what's happening in that moment. Get across the key issues quickly. I can't look away.

I enjoy seeing the different archetypes emerge. The educators, generously sharing their research and learnings for all. The cheerleaders, trying to maintain some optimism, posting non-covid-19 related tweets only. And the advocates, persistently campaigning for recognition of their profession or population niche. I can see how this frenzied type atmosphere energises people. But it's way too fast for me. It makes me feel more like that seen where the camera is zooming in and out and Ewan McGregor has the sweats.

I'm torn, because I want to stay connected, but I know it doesn't leave me feeling good. Perhaps I've just got too much time on my hands. Maybe. I feel like I've got a lot on my to do list right now but I feel kind of frozen in my progress. The sensible part of me says that if there is a risk of schools closing then I need to make the most of this working from home time while I can. Before my productivity goes completely to zero with two young children being home to deal with.

It's why I'm persisting with trying to bring about another option to the table. AnĀ anti-social network, if you will. Somewhere where we it's possible to actually process information before moving to the next bit. To dig a little deeper. Because Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, they're all the same. Built for high throughput content, rapid fire newsfeeds that keep you on their platform consuming their ads or being targeted by recruiters. They're designed not for meaningful engagementĀ over time. Yet, meaningful engagement is exactly what we will need amongst healthcare providers over these next few months.

Persisting through this inertia is difficult, I'm not going to lie. It is so against my nature to post things to public forums, and extend invitations/ask favours of people that I know. It is making me very uncomfortable. But I'm going to persist because I believe it is needed. Healthcare professionals need a private forum for meaningful, open and honest dialogue. Now more than ever.