Shipping It

It's all well and good to know all the theory about the 80/20 effort and all that stuff. It's another thing to actually put it into practice and accept that oftentimes, shipping something that is good at the right time is much better than shipping something that's near perfect at the wrong time.

Yesterday I decided to start shipping. I've been working on this interdisciplinary online community for strengthening community based care for months now. I've talked to people about it and listened to their perspectives. I've engaged in other online communities. I've learned about business stuff. I've written copy for the site, set it up, started using it with a couple of colleagues. I know it's not perfect, but it's good enough to start. And I know I'll never really know what works and what doesn't unless I put it in front of people. Unless I risk failing and feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable.

So I shipped. I started inviting founding members. I will jump off the cliff and build the aeroplane on the way down.

And with that, Traversity has been born. Will it survive and grow to maturity? We shall have to wait and see how good I am at building aeroplanes!