Revelatory moments

Last night Fight Club was on the TV. I remember seeing it at the cinema. It was the first R rated film I ever saw at the movies. I went with my brother to the Academy cinema in the city. I'll never forget marveling at the Tyler Durden reveal and piecing it back together on the bus ride home.

Just like the moment Kevin Spacey walks away from the interrogation in the Usual Suspects, when Bruce Willis has his moment of self discovery in the Sixth Sense, the final dialogue between Richard Gere and Ed Norton in Primal Fear. They don't happen often, and its much harder these days, but every so often a movie delivers a twist in the narrative that most of us don't see coming.

Life isn't like in the movies, of course. But once in a while it too dishes something up that surprises us. These are often not the happiest moments in life- a cancer diagnosis, an accident, a global pandemic.

It feels like we're in a total shit storm now, for sure. It's hard to see a way through it that isn't going to be a long hard slog. But you never know. Paradigm shifts mean a new world order. Maybe a solution will bubble up that most of us never even knew was possible until we were hit in the face with it like Ed Norton's fist. Maybe there can be good surprises in life too.