Like many people, I've taken a break from my usual routine over the past few weeks. Honestly, I can't exactly say that I feel better for it. Because as boring as it may be, I love routine. I do better on routine. The kids do better on routine. We are a happier household on routine.

It's something that I find really hard about holidays. I mean, it's great having extra family time and doing fun stuff like going to stay at the beach. But after the fun stuff I just feel so incredibly blah. Physically, mentally, emotionally, all of it. Far from feeling recharged and re-energised. I feel more like the Sunday after a big Saturday night (if my memory serves me correctly...this hasn't happened for a while!).

Thankfully, I'm gradually getting better at dealing with it. Years gone by a disruption like this might have sent me on a prolonged period of feeling crappy. Or avoiding exercise. Or avoiding work. But one of the things I've become more at ease with over the past year or so, is that it's normal to lose your routine and feel shitty every now and then. I don't beat myself up about it, it's not that important. What's important is my ability to reset. So that's what I'm doing. Today. Starting now.