Reflections of A Year of Blogging

This month marks twelve months of (relatively) consistent blogging. This is my 128th post. I started wanting to improve my writing skills, I never realised how transformative the process of writing would be.

Writing consistently has has helped me to take more risks and push myself out of my comfort zone. It has introduced me to new connections and opportunities. But, perhaps most importantly, it has helped me to develop a stronger sense of self. Its this sense of self that has afforded me the confidence to forge my own path and see what happens.

I certainly didn't think twelve months ago that I'd be founding a startup with my husband! Yet, in many ways writing and launching a startup have been similar pursuits. Each requires you to manage this weird juxtaposition of hubris and humility within yourself. Putting yourself out there and saying something out loud, being audacious enough to offer something up to the world means that you have to back yourself and your idea. But it also means that you're learning and iterating your approach in public view. That means you have to be humble, recognise and learn along the way.

Honestly, it's a challenging headspace to maintain. Whether or not I can is yet to be seen. There have been weeks like this one where I feel flat and uncertain. Others where I'm flying with optimism. But it's been maintaining some degree of process that has kept me going relatively consistently. I'm grateful to have learned that. And the writing has been a key part of that process.

It makes me hopeful for the next twelve months.


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