Quiet Disruptors

I was introduced to the term Quiet Disruptors recently and I kind of fell in love with it.

I've been revisiting Breaking Bad since watching El Camino. There's a great scene in season one, episode 4 when Walt comes up against an obnoxious guy he cowers to earlier in the episode. You can tell by the look in his eye that an internal switch has flipped and he's not going to take this guy's shit this time around. You expect him to confront him in a typical macho way. But instead, while the guy is in paying for his petrol Walt pulls some crazy manoeuvre with a wet squeegee and some spark plugs, walks back to his car as the obnoxious guys car exploding in the background. Chaos ensues, but noone looks twice at Walt. It's a great scene.

I'm not advocating to go round blowing things up, but I do love that notion of quietly going about your business while firmly challenging the status quo. You don't have to move fast and break things. You can be purposeful and still have great impact.