Pink Moon in the Jungle

Having kids has completely transformed my interest in doing the dishes. Specifically the change happened after having child #2 and getting a Google home speaker in the kitchen. Now cleaning up after a meal is a precious moment of solitude. I can enjoy a moment of quiet. I can listen to a podcast or audiobook. This morning, it was listening to Pink Moon by Nick Drake. A classic Sunday morning record.

I think I got 2 songs in when it was interrupted by "hey Google, play circle of life from the Lion King". Not even the best song from the lion King.

That's the thing about kids and autonomy. Once they're aware they can do stuff independently they start doing it. And that's a good thing I guess. You want them to feel capable.

I suppose the parenting trick to master is being able to teach them how to recognise when to follow rules and when to exercise that autonomy. I think a lot of adults who are still yet to learn that themselves.