Out of range

I have two songs that are my go tos if I'm in the mood for tapping into my emotional side. I mean of course there are more, I'm not a machine. But there are two that I find especially emotive. And they don't necessarily make sense.

The first one totally makes sense. Gathering dust by David Gray. Possibly one of the best musical tales of transitioning from early 20s into angsty mid 20s. That's what it speaks when I listen to it anyway.

The other is Only Living Boy in New York by Simon and Garfunkel. Truthfully, I don't really know what this song is about. And I kind of don't care. But I love it. The music quite literally resonates with me. I love the internation, the rise and fall, the layers, everything about it.

It struck me today that what both of these songs have in common are that they sit in a really awkward place in my vocal register. So I find them really uncomfortable to sing. Not in an uncomfortable but I'm going to push through anyway kind of way like Shallow. In an I'm going to just shut up and listen kind of way.

Maybe this is why these songs resonate with me so strongly. Because I am not participating and getting carried away with my own vocal mastery I am really listening to the music.

This makes sense to me. It makes me think about what else I might be missing by getting too caught up in myself.