Today's post is occurring late in the day. My day did not go as planned. Its school holidays, my husband's out of town and my daughter was supposed to be going to vacation care. She did not want to go. "I feel really tired". "I don't feel good". What is one to do in this sort of scenario?

I guess part of it depends on context. My plans didn't involve having to be anywhere else today so it wasn't a big deal if she stayed home so long as she didn't expect me to play with her all day. But was it ok to say she could stay home just because it was easy? Was I supposed to make her go because we'd already paid for it and she needs to understand the value of money? Was she really telling the truth or was she just trying to manipulate me into letting her spend the day with me? Would she be doing this if Chris wasn't away and she wasn't going to be staying the night at my Mum and Dad's tonight?

Then I stopped for a moment and did what I've been learning and thinking about so much lately. I listened. Either she was actually starting to feel unwell, or she felt like she needed me close. That's not being manipulative, that's being a kid. And I think that's what she needed and I'm happy that I gave that to her. It's not about being right. It's about doing your best, and showing the people that you care about that you're listening to them.

In my head, it links to how we as pharmacists listen to (or don't) to what the people we are providing care for are saying. Understanding what they're saying and why they're saying it rather than taking them at face value and with judgement.