Kimchi Problems

The kind of problems where the deeper you bury it, the hotter it gets.

I heard this on a podcast episode this morning and it's my new favourite saying.

I think a lot of kimchi problems are making themselves known at the moment. And there are a lot more to come over the coming months. Problems with the health system. Social support. Individuals and their relationships. We're all being tested in so many different ways all at once.

As tough as this is though, this difficult time is going to present us with a valuable opportunity to face up to such problems and deal with them once and for all. Reduce the red tape that's standing in the way. Focus on what needs to be done rather than who might be offended by our actions.

If we can keep our heads and remember what's important I really do feel that some pretty cool stuff could happen. Especially in healthcare. And we all know we need it to.


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