Flutters of butterflies

I'm writing this from the airport, where I've arrived ridiculously early for my flight to Melbourne. I've had a feeling of nervous excitement, bordering on anxiety all day and I think I've just made it past the peak.

This is due to two things. To start with, it's the first time I've had a night away from my son since he was born just over two years ago. Now I'm having two nights away and will be in another city, which makes me nervous. But I'm going to attend the wedding of a long term friend, so I'm also very excited.

My husband is already in Melbourne. Which leads to the other reason for my nervous energy. He's making a big career decision today which we hope will help in moving closer to my dream of building a more connected healthcare system. This means we're really going to have a crack at this whole building a small business thing. I'm simultaneously excited and scared.

What makes me feel somewhat comfortable with feeling so uncomfortable is that this is how I've felt in other meaningful moments of my life. I wouldn't say it feels good, but it feels like the conditions where interesting things can happen. Whether or not they end up being the things you thought they'd be, well that's a different story. But they're the types of experiences that move you to somewhere new, and in my experience that's a good thing.