Finding Your Fit

Today I went for my regular 6 monthly visit to my dental hygienist Olivia. She's really good. Annoyingly good, because if you have to reschedule she's booked out months in advance. I could never do that job. I find one of the worst things about being a parent, worse even than the bodily excrements, is the wobbly tooth that's just hanging on. I don't deal well with other people's teeth. Olivia, thankfully, doesn't feel the same as I do. She told me once how satisfied she feels when she's removed every last calculus from someone's mouth. She is fastidious by nature. She enjoys her work. And that's what you want from a dental hygienist I guess. It can be hard to find work that's a good fit. I'm still trying to find it. I think that's ok though. So long as you don't accept the bad fit as your lot in life, you can find some other cool things to do along the way. That can be fun too.


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