Creative Problem Solving

Bluey has got to be one of the best kids tv shows ever created. Big call I know, but valid. I have watched every episode multiple times and I don't even mind (definitely not the case for Paw Patrol). It's like the kid version of Seinfeld. Seriously, the writing is that good. And the music and art direction are also quality. I don't even get sick of the theme tune. In fact, it never fails to make me smile.

Being a kids show of course there's always a decent life lesson in each of the episodes. Not that this is a feature of every kids show I guess, there are a fair few based around narcissists out there (I'm looking at you Peppa).

This morning we watched Bike. Bluey is at the park with her dad learning to ride her bike without training wheels and gives up out of frustration. She sits on the bench in protest and watches her little sister and friends. Each of them are dealing with their own problems. They're all struggling and they're all getting frustrated. One by one we witness their breakthroughs. The music crescendos as they each achieve their individual goals. But they don't do this through sheer determination, or by suddenly gain a new skill or attribute, or having someone step in and fix things for them. They are able to achieve their goals because they each changed the way they were looking at the problem.  By stepping back and taking a moment to think about the bigger picture, each were able to approach the problem from a different angle. They got creative in their problem solving and it was effective.


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